TEXAS HUB Certification #1202851845900/01967

SCTRCA Certification #206046492 (SBE, DBE, WBE)

SAWS Certified

City of San Antonio Certified

DUNNS # 36-351-1663

Members of the Hispanic Contractors Association

Members of the San Antonio Minority Business

Approved Vendors for:

   - Bexar County

   - Kelly U.S.A

   - San Antonio Housing Authority

   - University of Health Texas Science Center

   - University Health Systems

   - Via Trans

   - Edwards Aquifer

   - City of Austin

   - City of San Marcus

Approved Subcontractors for:

   - Centennial Contractors Enterprises, INC

   - LeCraw Construction, LLC

   - Texas Family Homes Contractors

- Jerdon Enterprises

(Other Subcontractors not listed)